Program Structure

Our Girls Competitive Team Program consists of two programs. The Junior Olympic Development Program consists of compulsory level 2-5, in which athletes all perform the same routine at each level and the advanced levels 6-10 in which athletes perform individual routines tailored to fit the specific strengths of each athlete. The Junior Olympic Development Program is designed to develop very strong basics which lead to more advanced skills needed to be a successful college or high school gymnast. The Xcel program, with its simpler entry level skill requirements, allows athletes to almost immediately take part in the competitive gymnastics experience with less hours of commitment than the Junior Olympic Development Program. Listed below is a brief description of the progressive levels of our girl’s competitive program.

1 1/2 hours per week

The foundation of our girls team program is our supertots developmental team prep program. This is a non-competitive program that emphasizes the introduction and development of strong fundamentals, strength, flexibility, confidence and working independently.  Athletes are invited to the program based on recommendations from their class instructor.  Recommendations are based on many factors including a child’s attitude, work ethic, desire, strength, flexibility, and ability to listen well and follow instructions.  The goal of the supertots program is to prepare athletes to enter the Level 2 Developmental Team Program
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 5 hours per week

The Developmental Level 2 team is a USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic entry level competitive program.  Athletes will continue to develop strength, flexibility and strong skill fundamentals. Athletes will be introduced to routines for the first time.   Upon achieving competency in routine performance, athletes can then take part in competitions during the Sept – Dec season. No placement awards are given at this level.  Athletes will receive achievement awards based on their individual performances.
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6-12 hours per week
The Level 3-5 competitive teams are progressive in nature and build upon skills developed at prior levels.  Each level consists of a specific compulsory routine on each event. All athletes will perform the same routine with emphasis on form, posture, technical executions, and presentation.  These compulsory levels provide gymnasts with a foundation of strong basic skills enabling to continue to progress to more advanced competitive levels. Athletes compete for placements at competitions throughout the Sept – Dec season culminating with a State Championship meet in December.
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12-19 hours per week

The optional team consists of Level 6-10.  These levels no longer compete with compulsory routines.  At these levels, athletes will begin performing more complex skills and combinations in routines designed specifically for the individual athlete.  Each level provides a more difficult level of requirements on each event that must be included on every event. Athletes at these levels will take part in competitions in the state and will also travel out of state.   Level 6,7, and 8 will take part in a state meet with the opportunity to qualify for a regional championships. Level 9 & 10 can participate and qualify for a state, regional, and national championships. The optional competitive season usually runs from January – April for Level 6-8 and January to May for Level 9 & 10’s in they qualify to Nationals.
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6-11 hours per week

Our Girls Xcel Team Program follows the USA Gymnastics Xcel Program and is an alternative to the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Development program.  The program consists of 5 levels, each consisting of increasingly challenging skill requirements which can be tailored to meet the ability of each athlete.  The commitment requirement both financially and time in the gym is less than that of the Junior Olympic Development Program. This program is ideal for athletes who love participating in competitive gymnastics but are also involved in other activities.
      • Xcel Bronze Team …. 4-6 hours per week
      • Xcel Silver Team…..6-8 hours per week
      • Xcel Gold Teams….7-9 hours per week
      • Xcel Diamond & Platinum….8-11 hours per week

If you are interested in joining our Girls Gymnastics Team program, please contact our Team Director Lori at [email protected]