Year Round Class Schedule

1 Year Old Class

1 Yr Old Class – w/parent
This class is designed to challenge the confident walker to explore a variety of movements including climbing, rolling, jumping, hopping, and swinging. The development of large motor skills is emphasized through the use of modified gymnastics equipment specifically designed for preschool children. The parent’s role in this exploratory class is to guide and assist the child through the various stations and reinforce what the teacher has taught.

2 – 3 1/2 Year Old Class

2-3 1/2 Yr Old  – w/parent
This class continues to emphasize the development of coordination and large motor skills as well as strength, flexibility, balance, and self confidence. In addition, children are being prepare to attend class alone by introducing them to the concepts of lines and taking turns. Through the use of music and games, the class encourages both movement education and creative expression. The parents role in class is one of support and security.

3 1/2 – 5 Year Old Skill Development Program

Allowing for the 3 1/2 – 5 year olds’ greater attention span, this longer class continues to focus on improving perceptual motor skills, locomotor skills, and overall kinesthetic and spatial awareness. The curriculum further emphasizes the teaching of basic gymnastics skills on Olympic apparatus and introduces children to our Preschool Skill Development Program . Children attend classes on their own with the instructor as the primary model and guide. The program consists of 3 progressive levels.  New students begin in Level 1 classes.  After successfully completing the Level 1 skills, the student will begin working on skills in Level 2.  Parents can follow their child’s progress on our new online skill tracking system.
Level 1 Skill Overview
Floor: Forward rolls, backward rolls, intro to cartwheels
Bars:  Jump to front support, wall walk pullover
Beam: Walking forward, backward, and sideways
Locomotor Skills: Running, hopping, jumps
Trampoline: Basic bouncing and stopping, straight jump and tuck jumps
Level 2 Skill Overview
Floor: Forward and backward straddle rolls, bridges, cartwheels
Bars:  Front support forward roll, glide, hang 1/2 turn
Beam: Swing kicks, releve walks, dismount
Locomotor Skills: Gallop, leap, backward run
Trampoline: Straddle jumps, seat drops, jump 1/2 turns
Level 3/4 Skill Overview
Floor: Cartwheels, bridge kickover
Bars:  Back hip circle, jump to glide
Beam: Running, stretch jumps, 1/2 turns
Locomotor Skills: Run to hurdle, split leaps
Trampoline: Seat drop 1/2 turn, table drop, jump 1/1 turn