Year Round Class Schedule

Level 1

Level 1 Skill Overview
Vault: Running and board punching
Bars:  Pullovers, casting, & glide swings
Beam: Walk forward, backward, straight jumps
Floor: Forward and backward rolls, cartwheels
Trampoline: Straight, tuck, straddle jumps, seat drops

Level 2

Level 2 Skill Overview
Vault: Punch to roll on resi mat
Bars:  Pullover, back hip circle w/spot, casts
Beam: Tuck jump, pivot turns, split jump
Floor: Cartwheel on line, kick to handstand, bridge kickover, hurdle to cartwheel
Trampoline: Seat drop 1/2 turn, table drop, front drop

Level 3

Level 3 Skill Overview
Vault: Punch to handstand plop on mat
Bars:  Pullover, mill circle w/spot, swing 1/2 turn
Beam: Kick to 3/4 handstand, split jump, cartwheel on floor beam
Floor: Handstand walk, handstand roll, backbend, back handspring jump back to barrel
Trampoline: Swivel hips, back handspring w/spot

Level 4

Level 4 Overview
Vault: Handspring to resi mat
Bars:  Cast squat on, mill circle, front hip circle w/spot
Beam: 1/2 turn, split leap, cartwheel on low beam
Floor: Round off, back handspring in pit w/spot, front handspring to pit
Trampoline: Back handspring, back tuck w/spot, front tuck

Level 5/6

Level 5 Overview
Vault: Handspring over table
Bars:  Kips, flyaways
Beam: Cartwheel on high, back walkover, barani dismount
Floor: Round off back handspring, front handspring, back tucks, front tucks
Trampoline: Back tucks, back layouts, front pikes