Our Facility

Our fully heated/air conditioned 39,000 square foot facility is the largest facility of its kind in Wisconsin.  With the safety of our athletes first and foremost in our design considerations, our facility enables safe, progressive training for all our programs.  With a clean, fully carpeted and padded floor, multiple training stations on each event, trampolines, loose foam and resi training pits, and numerous specialized mats, parents can be assured their child will be immersed in an environment designed to safely meet the needs of every level of athlete from beginner to elite.  
Our upstairs preschool gym dedicated only for children ages 1 – 5 has been specifically designed to accommodate the young athlete.  The equipment is low to the ground, bar rails are smaller to enable better grip for little hands, our trampoline is floor level, and we have a loose foam pit in our climbing area to ensure safety at all times.  
Parents can observe our classes through our viewing windows on the first and second floor or wait in our lobby area.  We also offer free Wi-Fi in our lobby.
  • 5 In Ground Trampolines
  • 2 In Ground 40’ Tumbling Trampolines
  • 2 Full 42’ x 60” Spring Floor Exercise
  • 1 Full 40’ x 54’ Cheer Floor
  • 1  40’ x 46’ Cheer Floor
  • 4 Loose Foam Pits
  • 10 In Ground Resi Pits
  • 12 High Beams
  • 7 Low Beams
  • 6 sets of Regulation Bars
  • 11 Single Training Rails
  • 3 High Bars
  • 3 Vault Runways ( 2 to resi, 1 to loose foam)
  • 80’ Rod Floor
  • Double Mini
  • 2 Pommel Horses
  • 2 Parallel Bars
  • 3 Ring Stations