Child Safety

At Scamps Gymnastics we are dedicated to providing a positive safe environment for all children.   We believe parents should feel confident in enrolling their children in our program,
  • All Scamps Gymnastics staff members are background checked through First Advantage, as well as, the State of Wisconsin Caregiver Background Check.
  • All Scamps Gymnastics staff members have completed the USA Gymnastics U100 Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction.
  • All Scamps Gymnastics staff members have competed the USOC Safe Sport training for child sexual abuse awareness and prevention.
  • Staff members receive ongoing training techniques through in-house teaching techniques and spotting clinics, state clinics, and online course training through USA Gymnastics.
  • Scamps Gymnastics adheres to all Safesport guidelines for creating a safe and healthy environment for athletes by prohibiting any adult from being alone with a child and prohibiting any direct one on one communication with a child through phone, email, texting, or any other social media, without parental or group involvement.
  • Parents must be present  in the gym with the coach and participant  during any private lessons scheduled during hours when regular classes are in session.
  • Students are not allowed to wait outside to be picked up after class.   Parents are to come inside to pick up their children
  • We practice ongoing inspection and maintenance of all our equipment to assure all pieces of equipment are safe and in perfect working order.
  • Mats are continuously evaluated and replaced on an ongoing basis to assure their effectiveness in training and injury prevention.
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