Year Round Class Schedule

Level 1

Level 1 Overview
Tumbling: Forward & backward rolls, cartweels
Trampoline:  Straight jumps, tuck jumps, straddle jumps, seat drops, seat drop to back drop
Double Mini Trampoline: Hurdle to tramp, straight jump, tuck jump, straddle jump

Level 2

Level 2  Overview
Tumbling: Handstand rolls, bridge kickovers, back handspring w/spot, front handspring w/spot
Trampoline:  Swivel hips, front drop, front tuck w/spot, back tuck w/spot
Double Mini Trampoline: Front & back tucks w/spot

Level 3

Level 3 Overview
Tumbling: Front & back handsprings, round off back hanspring
Trampoline:  Front pike, back pike, back layout
Double Mini Trampoline: Front tuck off end of tramp, front tuck mount, 1/2 turn back tuck off end of tramp