Program Structure

At Scamps, our Boys Competitive Team Program starts out with our TNT and Dynamites developmental preteam  program and progresses into the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Competitive Program.   The developmental and competitive programs focus on  skill development on all six men’s Olympic events.   Our team is by invitation only and a yearlong commitment to the training program is expected.  The coaches develop a personalized training plan with each individual athlete to help them accomplish their competitive goals.  Listed below is a brief description of the progressive levels of our boys competitive program
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1-3 hours per week

Offers a safe, challenging, and fun introduction to gymnastics for potential team members, generally between the ages 3 – 9 years. This program introduces the USA Gymnastics Basic Skills Achievement Program and emphasizes the Men’s Olympic events of Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and Horizontal Bar. We also prioritize strength, flexibility, and air awareness on trampoline.
The TNT and Dynamites programs require the least commitment of the Boys Team Program, as these boys only perform in biannual evaluations in the Spring and Fall and have less of a practice commitment than the compulsory & optional program.

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6-11 hours per week

Focuses on the USAG Olympic events in addition to flexibility, strength, and trampoline training. The compulsory gymnasts are also introduced to studies on anatomy & physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, gymnastics history, community involvement, and comprehensive gymnastics judging guidelines. There are two different “tracks” for the boys’ level 4+ program, D-1 and D-2. The main difference between D-1 & D-2 is the level of commitment, as the boys in D-1 are more focused on USAG’s Future Stars program, national team competition and collegiate gymnastics, while the boys in D-2 are in the club to simply enjoy the sport.

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11-18 hours per week

Prepares for careers beyond high school, in addition to advanced gymnastics training and competition. Through participation in the Optional Team Program, we prepare our gymnasts for a future in gymnastics via judging, coaching, and/or performing at & beyond the collegiate level. Competitors in this program, while continuing their schooling, often showcase their skills at national and international level meets.
There is a GPA requirement for full participation in the Boys’ Optional Program, and those earning above a 2.5 GPA will be considered for work programs with our TNT, Dynamites, and compulsory program.

If you are interested in joining our Boys Gymnastics Team program, please contact our program director Roddman at [email protected]