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Girls Level 2-10 & Xcel
Trampoline & Tumbling Level 1-Elite

Indian Trail High School Field House
Kenosha Wisconsin

Entry Fees
Girls Level 6-10……………….. $120.00 Per Gymnast
Girls Level 3-5/Xcel………… .. $95.00 Per Gymnast
Girls Level 2……………………………. $60.00
Tumble, Tramp, Double Mini…… $80.00 Flat Fee (1,2,or 3 events)
Girls Team  (1 team per level).. $50.00
Make checks payable to:
Scamps, Inc.
5711 77th Street
Kenosha, WI 53142
Entry Deadline: December 1, 2019   Please use USAG meet reservation system then mail entry and check.
Refunds: Refunds will be granted until December 21, 2019
Meet Director: Randy Anderson     e-mail:
Competition Format: Modified Traditional or Modified Capitol Cup depending on entry numbers
Awards: Custom awards for each event & all-around, Team Trophies
Equipment: All AAI Equipment
Meet Site:
Indian Trail High School
6800 60th Street
Kenosha, WI 53144
Meet Flyer
Pre- Entry Form
Girls Entry Form
T&T Entry Form
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Cash Team Prizes!

1st Place Level 10 Team                         $500
2nd Place Level 10 Team                       $100
1st Place Level 9 Team                          $250
2nd Place Level  9 Team                        $100
1st Place Level 8  Team                          $200
2nd Place Level 8  Team                        $75
1st Place Level 7 Team                           $150
2nd Place Level 7  Team                        $75
1st Place Level 6 Team                          $100
2nd Place Level 6  Team                        $50
1st Place Xcel Platinum Team                 $100
2nd Place Xcel Platinum Team                 $50
1st Place Xcel Gold Team                     $100
2nd Place Xcel Gold Team                   $50
1st Place Xcel Silver Team                    $100
2nd Place Xcel Silver Team                   $50